How to Set Rules and Boundaries for Your KidsPokemon GO is an extremely popular game that is recently available for free on mobile devices. While in a sense it is completely harmless and actually has a lot of great benefits for kids, it is also important to understand that there are some risks involved. Here are some tips for setting rules and boundaries when your kids or teens are playing the phenomenon.

Restrict in-App Purchases

To start with setting your rules and boundaries, don’t allow them to make any in-app purchases. If you have ever played a mobile game, especially one claiming to be free, you know how tempting they are. For just $0.99, you can get a little perk or feature that helps you to advance in the game. Before too long, you have done this multiple times and now have paid $100 for this so-called free game. This can happen to a much larger extent when your kids re playing such an addicting game. Turn off the ability for them to make purchases without your consent. Then when they do want to purchase something, require them to do chores or use their own allowance for the purchases.

Require Supervision when They Find Pokemon

Another one of the risks that requires certain boundaries is when your kids go out to the neighborhood to search for new Pokemon. This is a big part of the game, but it can also be dangerous. Have rules about them never going out alone without other kids with them, or even adult supervision, depending on the age of your kids. If you have teenagers who drive, make sure they never drive while playing the game! There have already been reported accidents, including a fatal one, because of Pokemon Go. Some kids have already run into things when walking with their phones, so make sure they are being very careful. Younger kids should never go hunting without an adult to keep an eye on them.

Have Set Hours or Days When They Can Play

Pokemon GO is a very addicting mobile game, so it will be necessary that you set certain rules about when they can play. This might mean not letting them have their phone until after school and after their homework is done, or restricting game play during meals, family time, or until chores are done. While your kids will probably fight it, it is good to set these boundaries so they understand it is still just a game and not to meant to take over their lives.