Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play Pokemon GOUnless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt heard of Pokemon GO. You might not be playing it, but chances are your kids, their friends, and just about everyone else you know is. This highly popular game was recently released for mobile devices, allowing people to catch Pokemon in their poke balls out in the real world, at parks, even in their own backyard. Here are some reasons why it is actually a good thing that your kids want to play.

It Gets Kids Moving

One of the top benefits to allowing kids to play Pokemon Go is the fact that it gets them outside. If you struggle to get your kids off their video game system or tear them away from Netflix, this game will impress you! Suddenly kids want to go outside, go to the park, ride their bicycles, and ask for rides from their parents to different locations. This is necessary in order to visit the local PokeGyms and PokeStops, as well as incubating eggs. You will find that your kids actually spend more time outside than inside! This is great to help battle childhood obesity and help them get some of the good old fashioned vitamin D.

You Can Find New Spots Together

Another excellent reason to encourage your kids to play the game is that you can go out as a family and find new places. Together you and your kids will be able to visit a local park you didn’t know was there or find your brand new ice cream shop that happened to have a PokeStop nearby. A lot of people are discovering little hidden gyms right in their hometowns they didn’t know that were there. An added bonus for your community is that it is helping small businesses soar.

It is the Perfect Family Activity

Speaking of going out with your kids, definitely get involved in the game with them. This not only ensures your kids stay safe while playing the game, but it can become your new favorite family activity. If you enjoy nightly walks after dinner, head down the street a little further than you usually walk to see if you catch anything. After homework is done, hop in the car to go to a nearby beach, park, or other community spot to see if you can find a gym or stop to hunt for Pokemon together.

Shy Kids Find a Good Reason to Be Social

Mental health benefits are also around the corner for your kids. With Pokemon GO, they are going to places where a lot of other kids can also be found, so it is providing a reason for kids to talk to each and meet each other. For parents with shy kids, this is a dream come true.