Self Care & Such

People seem to spend a lot of time looking for the meaning of life, or at least how to live a happier, more fulfilling life. It’s easy to try and find contentment in buying bigger, better, more expensive things, from cars and homes to watches and designer handbags. But just collecting more and more stuff doesn’t make you happy. It makes you frustrated and dissatisfied. The answer to fulfillment is much simpler. It’s within your deepest self.

Here are some tips from the master of personal development and spirituality, Deepak Chopra.

1 – Know Yourself

Fulfillment lies in knowing yourself – the good and the bad – and accepting it. You are so much more than your job or your house or your relationships. The innermost you is full of potential. All you have to do is look beyond the externals, beyond the ego to discover your true purpose and blossom into your best you. Continue reading

When you seek to find a life of completeness and harmony, you absolutely must address the spiritual aspect of your life. Without personal spirituality, you lose purpose, drive, and meaning in your life. You cannot become your best version of yourself, nor are you able to fully tap into your gifts without it.

In the end, without the spiritual, you lose your desire to give back to the world, to make it a better place. With so much at stake, is it any wonder that finding your spiritual path is so crucial in living a complete life?

Thankfully it’s not hard to find. You begin, with a handful of simple steps:

1 – Pay Attention to Coincidence

When you find a moment in your life where everything lines up and falls into place, embrace the experience. This is synchronicity, and from it, you gain an amazing feeling of affirmation. It’s moments like this where you find what you’re born to do. Continue reading